ANGA COM 2019 – Exhibitor preview

Broadpeak – Booth B52, Hall 7

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "anga com logo"For cable operators, consumer demand for multi-screen video continues to rise and the migration to all-IP video delivery is driving technology innovation.

At ANGA COM 2019, Broadpeak® will demonstrate its CDN, cloud PVR, ad insertion and multicast ABR solutions, showing how operators can deliver better QoE across all screens in the most scalable and cost-effective way possible.


Innovations for Operators:

Driving the Transition to All-IP Video Delivery Across All Screens

All-IP video delivery is the future for pay-TV operators. Broadpeak is helping cable operators make this transition using ABR formats to address all screens and all services (i.e., live, VOD, Cloud PVR). Through the implementation of multicast ABR, operators can achieve greater flexibility offered by HTTP streaming combined with the scalability and low latency required for a premium TV experience. A select range of applications are supported, including:

  • Cloud PVR: With Broadpeak’s solution, operators have a simple, scalable, and flexible approach to delivering time-shifted TV services, including start-over, catch-up TV and impulsive recording on all screens, with the possibility of recording and watching seamlessly with any device.
  • Ultra-low latency: Broadpeak’s nanoCDNTM multicast ABR solution enables ultra-low latency on every screen. Recent enhancements for nanoCDN will be demonstrated, such as Common Media File Format and chunked transfer encoding, which further decrease latency for HTTP live streaming.
  • Device synchronization: Leveraging nanoCDN, operators can synchronize the devices that are receiving live content within a home network in ABR format in order to avoid echo effects that impact the user experience. This capability is especially useful in bars, restaurants, and common facilities, where several screens display the same content.
  • Server-side ad insertion: Operators can quickly boost monetization by deploying a CDN with first-class multiscreen Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) capabilities, using manifest manipulation techniques that come together with ABR formats. At ANGA COM, Broadpeak will show how operators can deploy dynamic targeted advertising for live and VOD workflows, and how this technology can be used to deploy Emergency Alert System messages on all screens and on all services (including VOD).




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