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Server Side Ad Insertion

Monetize your content with the Server Side Ad Insertion solution from Broadpeak

Upgrade Broadpeak’s CDN with first-class multiscreen Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) and deploy dynamic targeted advertising for live and VOD workflows. Not only does Broadpeak’s SSAI solution allows you to offer a TV-like experience while avoiding re-buffering during ads but it also provides efficient means to defeat ad-blockers. The solutions is integrated with the major ad decision servers in the market.
Take advantage of new business opportunities with Broadpeak’s SSAI solution !



Why Broadpeak’s SSAI is the best solution

Because with our Server-Side Ad Insertion solution you can:

  • Personalize the ads according to the end-user profile, location, user device… through a highly scalable manifest manipulator module
  • Choose your preferred provider as our manifest manipulator is ad decision server agnostic
  • Benefit from an unprecedented visibility of ad consumption thanks to efficient analytics that gather data from both the client and server sides
  • Thoroughly tune the manifest delivery through the intuitive Rules Management of the UI
  • Counteract the ad blockers that allow ad skipping




How does Broadpeak’s Ad insertion solution work?


Benefits of Broadpeak’s Ad insertion solution

  • High scalability:

designed once, the solution can grow indefinitely without requiring any architectural change

  • Monetized analytics

You keep a privileged access to valuable data about ad consumption

  • Open solution / Multi provider compliant

Broadpeak’s SSAI solution enables you to work simultaneously with several Ad decision servers at the same time

  • Tremendous flexibility  for manifest manipulation rules
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