Broadpeak CES 2020 Show Exhibitor Preview

Jan. 7-10

Las Vegas

The Venetian, Suite 30-316

Today, quality is a critical success factor for video streaming services. Consumers want to watch video in the highest resolutions, with the lowest latency, on every screen. To deliver an amazing quality of experience (QoE) anywhere on any device, content providers and pay-TV operators need innovative content delivery solutions.

At CES 2020, Broadpeak® will showcase its groundbreaking solutions that provide the best video QoE through improved delivery within the operator’s network, as well as inside the home network. Demos will include:

  • Gaining control over streaming quality: Broadpeak will give a sneak peak of its new solution that improves the quality of video streaming on any ABR screen — independently from the player. The solution can be used to reduce latency on live streams, deliver higher bit-rates for on-demand content and reduce video quality changes when networking conditions vary.
  • Optimizing Wi-Fi: At CES 2020, Broadpeak will launch its new Wi-Fi Optimizer, which prioritizes video delivery over the other traffic in the home (e.g., video streaming vs. downloading a file), assuring optimum quality for consumers.
  • Streaming video in 4K UHD HDR: Broadpeak’s nanoCDN solution utilizes multicast ABR technology to assure premium video delivery with the highest quality. For CES 2020, Broadpeak has collaborated with Dolby® to showcase its industry-leading Dolby Vision®
  • Delivering ultra-low latency: At CES 2020, Broadpeak will demonstrate how its nanoCDN Multicast ABR solution enables ultra-low latency on every screen in all ABR formats, including HLS. The latest features of nanoCDN will be shown, such as CMAF format and chunked transfer encoding, which further decrease latency for OTT live streaming. The feature can also be used to synchronize all the devices in the same home network.
  • Personalizing advertising on every screen: Stop by the Broadpeak suite at CES 2020 to see how manifest manipulation can be used by operators and content providers to monetize their live and on-demand streaming assets.


Meet with Broadpeak team Suite 30-316



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