Ad Insertion Partners: Castoola

Interview with Matej Puhan – Sales Director at Castoola

What’s the relationship between Castoola and Broadpeak?

We partner with Broadpeak to deliver end-to-end solution for targeted TV advertising down to the server-side ad insertion.

What is unique about Castoola?

Our advantage is definitely that we can deliver targeted TV advertising to different types of clients and to different TV environments, and help all of the stakeholders in the TV industry to move forward with this exciting new technology.

What’s special about Broadpeak’s solution?

Broadpeak’s solution solves the most crucial technical challenges of the whole end-to-end delivery. It takes care of transcoding. It takes care of generation of personalized manifest and in end of the day, it takes care of proper extracted.

Why is the combination between Broadpeak & Castoola great?

Together we answer to the most difficult challenges that our customer are facing. On the one side, we take care of perfect delivery of the ads for a smooth experience of the end-user. And on the other hand, of course, we take care of the monetization.

What benefits does it bring to our join customers?

One of the main benefits is that we guide the customer to different stages of deploying such solution. We are on top of the whole process, going through different phases, helping customers to come to the stage where the solution is basically automated and ready to be monetized by the advertisers.

What makes this partnership special is that people working in both companies have a similar mindset. We strive to deliver the best solution for our customers. We strive to be innovative, and in end of the day, we take our customers as our partners because the only success for us is the common success of us and our partners.


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