Where can I watch live match today? Key Insights from SportsPro OTT New York 2024 


Sportspro ott new york

At SportsPro OTT New York, industry leaders gathered to delve into the key topics shaping the future of sports streaming. From innovative monetization strategies to cutting-edge technologies, the event highlighted the challenges and solutions driving the industry’s evolution. 

If you were there, you might have crossed paths with Broadpeakers Xavier Leclercq and Shawn O’Farrell, who were in attendance, absorbing insights and sharing their expertise on navigating the dynamic landscape of live sports streaming. If not, this blog post unpacks the main takeaways from the event and provide a glimpse into what the future holds for the sports streaming industry. 

Monetization: Balancing Ads and Subscriptions in the Sports Streaming Industry

Traditional TV broadcast continues to play a significant role in the sports industry, with many leagues and events still relying on television channels to reach a wide audience and generate substantial revenues. Nevertheless, ESPN’s decision to move all of its channels to Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) platforms in the next few years is indicative of the broader trend in the sports industry towards digital streaming services. This shift allows fans to access their favorite sports content  anytime, anywhere, and on any device, leading to a more personalized viewing experience. 

This shift towards online platforms has led to a more interactive and engaging viewing experience, with features like live stats, multiple camera angles, and on-demand replays enhancing the overall viewing experience. However, sports rights are becoming more expensive to acquire, and the extra costs has forced streamers to find creative ways to increase monetization. The question now is how to maximize monetization in order to cover the rising costs and provide a sustainable streaming service for sports fans. 

During SportsPro OTT New York 2024, it was evident that many participants are actively experimenting with both advertising and subscription models to maximize their revenue potential. This dual approach reflects the evolving nature of the live sports streaming industry, where companies must adapt to changing consumer preferences and technological advancements. 

SVOD + AVOD: A Winning Strategy for Content Providers
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It feels like the industry is still trying to find the optimal balance, but by harnessing advertising-supported services, implementing direct-to-consumer subscription models, and focusing on subscriber acquisition and retention strategies, live sports streaming platforms try to maximize the value of their sports rights. 

What is the Flywheel Concept and Shoulder Sports in Sports Streaming? Explained

At SportsPro OTT New York 2024, an interesting concept discussed was the idea of creating a ‘flywheel‘ within the sports streaming industry. It is based on attracting casual consumers from social networks through the consumption of highlights, then guiding them towards the free ad-supported streaming service (such as FAST platforms), and ultimately converting them into paid subscribers.  

‘flywheel’ within the sports streaming industry aligns with the trend of large FAST aggregators focusing on adding sports content, including “shoulder sports“, A term that refers to secondary or supplementary sports content such as highlights, personal interest stories, or behind-the-scenes features. This type of content is not the primary focus of the sports aggregator platform but serves as supplemental material for viewers. 

By leveraging the prevalence of shoulder content in 80% of FAST/AVOD viewing, this strategic approach aims to enhance the viewer’s journey towards loyalty and streamline the pathway to becoming a committed subscriber, all while capitalizing on the increasing interest in sports content across various platforms. 

Additionally, the event shed light on the significant role of technology in shaping the future of media and sports streaming. It was noted that tech companies currently hold a distinct advantage in this space, given their expertise in data analytics, personalized content delivery, and user experience optimization. While clubs and leagues possess valuable data that can be used for targeted advertising, distribution networks may have limited access to such insights. This emphasizes the importance of collaboration between tech companies, content providers, and distribution networks to enhance the overall user experience and generate more targeted advertising opportunities. 

Breaking Barriers: The Business Potential of Women's Sports

Women’s Six Nations 2024
image from 'How to watch Women’s Six Nations 2024: Live stream every match for free."

Women’s sports are experiencing a rapid rise in popularity, with the audience for female sports growing at an incredible pace. The recent success of the 2023 Women’s Six Nations and the NCAA 2023 tournament, which saw record attendance and a significant increase in viewership, is a testament to the increasing interest in women’s athletics. The active engagement and investment of brands, sponsors, and broadcasters in women’s sports are crucial steps toward amplifying their presence and impact, showcasing the undeniable value they bring to the sporting world, their support and promotion play a vital role in driving the visibility, audience, and sponsorship opportunities for female athletes. 

The positive impact of prioritizing access and promotion of women’s sports is evident, as seen in the example in the UK with the BBC’s dedicated coverage of women’s football over the past few years. By highlighting major tournaments and increasing broadcasting of women’s sports events, broadcasters have successfully attracted larger audiences and expanded the fan base for women athletes.  

The 2023 Women’s Six Nations tournament was a groundbreaking event, setting new records and attracting a record crowd for a women’s rugby match. The Grand Slam victory of England over France at Twickenham was watched by an impressive 58,498 fans, highlighting the growing popularity and appeal of women’s rugby. Additionally, with a 28% rise in fans tuning in to watch all five rounds of fixtures and over 450 million online content views, it is evident that the interest in women’s sports is only continuing to grow. 

This increased visibility has not only led to a significant growth in viewership but has also captured the attention of diverse audience demographics, proving the broad appeal and potential for women’s sports to reach new heights. By addressing key challenges such as improving access and coverage, and investing in targeted promotional campaigns, broadcasters and sponsors can not only meet the demands of fans but also capitalize on the lucrative opportunities presented by the rising popularity of women’s sports.  

Fan Experience

In today’s fast-paced streaming environment, delivering impeccable live content is essential. Buffering, freezes, and rebuffering can pose significant obstacles to the viewer experience, but with the right technology and approach, these challenges can be overcome. 

Using a fan-centric approach, we’ve seen firsthand the challenges that arise in the live sports streaming landscape, especially when it comes to ensuring high Quality of Experience (QoE) for viewers.  

Among the main topics discussed at the SportsPro OTT New York 2024 event was the critical importance of delivering OTT streams with top-notch quality, particularly during peak traffic moments when streaming demand soars. Avoiding issues like rebuffering and high latency is paramount for ensuring a seamless and enjoyable viewing experience for sports fans. 

Sportspro ott new york live sports streaming in all devices
2024 is a year rich in major global sports events with the Euro Football Cup, the Copa America and of course the Summer Olympics. Are you ready to deliver them? Let’s talk and get you ready!

In response to these challenges, Broadpeak’s cutting-edge technology plays a crucial role in optimizing live video streaming and providing the best sports experience for viewers. By focusing on reducing latency and guaranteeing smooth streaming, Broadpeak solutions are designed to enhance the overall quality and satisfaction of the fan experience. Leveraging advanced video packaging techniques such as CMAF and Low-Latency HLS, combined with a robust Content Delivery Network (CDN) architecture, allows for faster and more reliable video delivery, minimizing delays and disruptions for sports enthusiasts. 

Where can I see the games?

One of the key topics that emerged during the SportsPro OTT New York 2024 event was the challenge of content discovery in the live sports streaming landscape. With a multitude of platforms and rights holders in play, users often face confusion regarding where they can watch their favorite games.  

The fragmentation of rights has created a complex ecosystem, leaving viewers uncertain about whether a game will be shown on traditional TV channels, streaming platforms, or behind a paywall. This lack of clarity has led to the necessity for video service providers to allocate marketing resources towards advertising the availability of content, making content discovery a critical aspect of the viewing experience. 

The industry is facing significant challenges in ensuring seamless content discovery for consumers, particularly in a landscape marked by rights fragmentation.  

In response to this challenge, we have seen Fox, ESPN, and Warner Bros. Discovery joining forces to establish a sports streaming service that aims to transform the landscape of sports broadcasting. This collaboration unites the sports broadcasting assets of these media giants, and is designed to consolidate their offerings, enhancing the user experience by providing a wide array of sports content in a single platform, thus challenging other major players in the market like Amazon Prime Video. 

Conclusion - The game a click away!

In wrapping up the whirlwind of insights from SportsPro OTT New York 2024, one thing is crystal clear: the future of sports streaming is bursting with innovation and opportunity. From striking the right balance between ads and subscriptions to championing the rise of women’s sports, the industry is on a thrilling journey towards transformation and growth. 

As sports streaming continues to expand and evolve, the challenges of monetization, latency and smooth streaming loom large. Enter Broadpeak, the  partner  to help you jump these hurdles!  

By harnessing cutting-edge technology and a fan-centric approach, Broadpeak is on a mission to enhance the quality and satisfaction of every fan’s viewing experience. With a focus on maximizing monetization and quality of experience, we are paving the way for a future where sports streaming is as exhilarating as being in the stands.

So, as we gear up for more heart-pounding matches, like the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris this year, Broadpeak stands ready to address these challenges, ensuring that fans have a seamless and immersive experience every time they tune in. With a commitment to innovation, collaboration, and fan satisfaction, Broadpeak is shaping the future of sports streaming one game-changing technology at a time.  

Get ready to dive into a world where the thrill of the game is just a click away. Let the games begin! 

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