MWC 2024: A Recap of Broadpeak’s Success

Innovative Collaboration Elevates Video Streaming Experience at MWC 2024

Mobile World Congress – MWC

MWC is the ultimate gathering for the mobile telecommunications and technology industry, bringing together a diversity of players to showcase the latest trends and developments in mobile technology.

Attending MWC isn’t just about networking – it’s about seizing golden opportunities, gaining crucial insights, and diving into the forefront of market trends. It’s a ticket to staying sharp and competitive in the lightning-fast world of mobile technology.

For us, MWC is a must on the calendar – a key opportunity to emphasize to telco operators and OTT players the importance of enhancing their video delivery to all screens to gain viewers loyalty. It’s also the moment to showcase our solutions tailored to the ever-evolving needs of mobile networks, when it comes to video streaming.

Our technologies enhance, optimize, and monetize network capabilities for video distribution, assisting businesses in improving their streaming services and content delivery. Our solutions also help companies reduce overspending on network capacity due to (live) OTT streaming, as well as save on network infrastructure hardware and energy consumption, making them more cost-effective and efficient.

We all know video is ruling the digital world, especially on mobile networks, and that’s why we’re all about driving efficiency, sustainability, and profitability in the mobile tech arena. That’s why we’ve been front and center at MWC year, after year.

MWC 2024

mwc 2024 team
Our team at MWC 2024: (from left to right) Manuel Bergerot, Jacques Le Mancq, Fabrice Bellanger, Xavier Leclercq and Yann Begassat.

Our 2024 edition was a resounding success. Our team not only had the opportunity for networking and team bonding (which was, of course, fantastic) but also engaged in more meetings than expected over the three long, 12-hour workdays. What’s the secret to such success? We can sum it up in two words: innovation and partnership.

MWC 2024 Highlights: innovation and partnership.

In addition to our booth, we had a notable presence at five stands of great partners such as Deutsche Telekom, Microsoft, Intel, Nokia, and InterDigital. Furthermore, we successfully released two collaborative announcements right before the event, garnering attention for our latest advancements

InterDigital and Broadpeak: a collaboration to advance the distribution of MPEG V3C standardized volumetric content at scale.

This collaboration combined InterDigital’s end-to-end implementation platform for V3C with our expertise in packaging and CDN technologies, resulting in more efficient delivery of immersive media. The ability to efficiently stream volumetric content to wide audiences is crucial for video service providers to differentiate themselves, increase revenue, and enhance the overall viewer experience.

This collaboration represents a significant step forward in the industry’s ability to deliver immersive content at scale, Therefore, it is not surprising that it garnered considerable interest.

Quality on Demand (QoD) with Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier, Microsoft Azure and Broadpeak.

The showcased collaboration between Broadpeak, Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier, and Microsoft Azure has generated a huge interest in the industry. This innovative solution integrates Quality on Demand (QoD) Network API capabilities into Broadpeak’s BkS450 streaming software, enabling communication service providers and video content providers to ensure a stable and high-quality video streaming experience for mobile users.

This cutting-edge technology anticipates challenges in network bandwidth availability, ensuring uninterrupted streaming sessions for users even during periods of high network congestion. By leveraging this advanced solution, operators can maintain a superior quality of service for their customers, positioning themselves ahead of industry trends and driving monetization opportunities.

There were more? Yep!

A few months ago, with Intel we set a new standard for more energy and cost-efficient video streaming, and it is available to everyone and was showcased at Intel booth. The same way, Broadpeak’s nanoCDN Multicast-ABR is available on Nokia’s marketplace, allowing ISPs to easily deploy new functionalities on home gateways and it was also showcased at Nokia’s booth.

By opening up gateways to a marketplace of applications, we believe innovation can thrive, particularly in improving video streaming quality and efficiency to meet the demands of the growing trend towards ABR streaming over the internet.

MWC 2024 Trends

At the event, API networks emerged as a crucial focus, as demonstrated at our booth through a compelling marketing video by Deutsche Telekom. The video highlighted Broadpeak’s innovative Quality on Demand (QoD) Network API features, designed to enhance video streaming stability for mobile users.

The GSMA Open Gateway API program has spurred the development of standardized APIs, granting developers access to network capabilities across various operators and countries. Companies like AWS, Microsoft, Vonage and Nokia are actively commercializing these APIs, accelerating their adoption by developers. This open-source approach fosters collaboration and innovation, enabling the creation of new applications and services that leverage existing network infrastructure.

Moreover, some of the standout themes at the event included:

  • The application of Artificial Intelligence in mobile networks and devices: AI is rapidly transforming the telco landscape, with various AI applications showcased at MWC. Examples could be seen with ai pin by AI PIN technology uses AI algorithms and machine learning to create advanced PIN systems for enhanced security, user experience, and seamless integration. AI PIN technology is a game-changer in personal identification numbers, offering multiple benefits across industries.
  • Monetization of 5G: The event emphasizes the importance of network exposure for the monetization of 5G and future 6G networks, as well as the need to make the 5G network edge a cost-efficient proposition including for media workloads. Learn more about it with the interview with Hanen Garcia (Red Hat), Ed Dylag (Intel) and our Business Development Director Yann Bégassat for Telecom TV.


  • The integration of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellations with mobile networks: The importance of Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN) in bridging the digital divide and revolutionizing global connectivity through technologies like LEO satellites and high-altitude platforms is highlighted, offering a glimpse into the future of 5G and beyond.

Check out the interview with Yann Begassat for Intel and discover more about  the latest trends at MWC 2024.


MWC 2024 was a success. It closed with over 101,000 attendees from 205 contries and territories. Our participation at MWC 2024 was marked by productive meetings, solid partnerships, and a demonstration of cutting-edge solutions in the telecommunications industry. We not only stayed in tune with trends but also set the pace for future developments. Innovation lies at the heart of our values and drives everything we do.

In Barcelona, we showcased Broadpeak’s dedication to leading the way in technological advancements and fostering industry connections. We look forward to further collaborations and continued success in the future.

Keep an eye out for additional updates on Broadpeak’s advancements and insights on our blog. If you are interested in being part of cutting-edge technology advancements, reach out to our team today!

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