Press Article: Broadpeak achieves double-dip disruption for delivery and QoE

Read the article, written by Tommy Flanagan, published in Faultline on Feb. 20th 2020


“CDN and ABR specialist Broadpeak has come out lauding a world first – combining encryption and packaging of HLS and DASH to create one simplified and ultimately cheaper video chunk. Faultline’s first course of action, as with most first-to-the-finish-line claims, was to touch base with a number of rival vendors to check the credibility of Broadpeak’s announcement. The fact that not a single one of five major competitors got back to us speaks volumes. Broadpeak’s breakthrough clearly has its competitors on the ropes, faced with technology that has removed the need for multiplying streaming formats and therefore reducing delivery and storage costs for service providers…”

Read the full article here.


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