Video: How to provide a premium IPTV experience on the main screen to leapfrog your competition

With the success of SVOD services such as Netflix, Disney+ or AppleTV+, pay-TV operators have a great opportunity to thrive as they are becoming super-aggregators. This is especially true for broadband service providers who can guarantee, through their network, the best quality of experience.

But in order to leverage this opportunity, broadband service providers need to control the main screen (HDMI1) so that their subscribers use the service through them. There are several options to manage the main screen at scale but the best, the one that offers a consistent user experience, is the Set-Top-Box (STB). The tricky question for operators is: What is going to be my next STB?

In this video, you will find out about android TV STBs and apple TV and the different benefits they bring. You will learn how, combined with the right video delivery system, they can offer a great 4K UHD video experience, improving zapping time and latency, and how you can monetize your services with targeted ad insertion.


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