Broadpeak’s IBC2023 Experience & Highlights: The best IBCShow ever!

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The IBC2023 show featured over 1,200 exhibitors, unveiling groundbreaking products and services that redefine the limits of media technology from September 15th to 18th. The event attracted 43,065 attendees from 170 countries at RAI Amsterdam. Though it hasn’t fully recovered from pre-covid numbers yet (IBC2019 had 56,000+ attendees and 1,700+ exhibitors), it still represents a 16% increase in total attendees compared to last year, showcasing a steady recovery.


Broadpeak at IBC 2023


As for Broadpeak at IBC 2023, it was a phenomenal experience ! Jacques Le Mancq, our CEO, always claims it’s the best IBC ever, and funnily enough, he’s always right. Each year, Broadpeak’s success at the show surpasses the previous edition. And proof of that, in Jacques’ own words, is that our booth looked ‘like a riot scene’ from the start, packed with visitors throughout the four days of the event. François Xavier Simon,  Sales Director, highlighted how impressed customers were with Broadpeak’s growth, evident in our larger booth and expanded team.


Broadpeak team at IBC2023
Broadpeak team at IBC2023


Undoubtedly, each IBC showcases the growth of Broadpeak. Our successful deployments and innovative technologies have attracted more visitors this year than ever. However, a significant part of the attention we got was also due to recent milestones we have achieved. Surpassing the 1 Tbps HTTPS throughput news came at the perfect time to engage customers in discussions about our high performance streaming software.

That was not all! Before IBC, we also announced next-generation SSAI solution. service simplifies SSAI by solving device fragmentation issues and increasing monetization.  Ricardo Moreira, VP of Sales for Western Europe, commented the latest announcements in the video below.


Maturity Phase in the Streaming Industry


For Xavier Leclerq, VP of Business Development, this edition was less about innovation and more about the solidification of existing tools that have been trending in recent years. We saw a lot of the technologies to make streaming more profitable, like Targeted Advertising, Cloud, FAST, Multicast ABR, AI. 

One of the challenge of streaming is in finding ways to make it more profitable, and as it is scaling to eventually replace broadcast, streaming needs to start making money. In fact, we have passed the disruption phase and entered the maturity phase, where tools come into play to lower delivery costs with operator CDN and mABR solutions,  but also monetize further by leveraging server-side ad insertion and FAST channels, utilize cloud-native solutions to reduce cDVR infrastructure costs, and harness analytics for better AI systems.


Trends at IBC2023


As Xavier affirmed, IBC 2023 was centered around bolstering monetization efforts, with a particular focus on ad technology and cutting-edge advancements aimed at elevating the consumer experience. Mathias Guille, Head of Cloud Platform, and Ricardo Moreira, support this opinion. Watch the video below.

It was incredible how, our API-based SaaS platform,  attracted attention at the show. As Jacques mentioned, the corner was consistently packed.

We’re not exaggerating. The team, including Mathias Guille, Aldeen Berluti, Manuel Bergerot, and Fabre Lambeau, was incredibly busy that we couldn’t gather the whole team for a single picture. However, we managed to record a quick interview with Mathias. He shared insights about our partnership with OKAST, explained the next-generation of SSAI, and gave a glimpse of what to expect from in the coming months. Watch the interview below.

DAZN & multicast ABR


We were thrilled to have Robin Oakley and Cora Spear from DAZN join our booth. They shared DAZN’s experience with Broadpeak’s multicast ABR for streaming live sports at scale with visitors to our booth. Having DAZN onboard made this edition unique. It allowed our partners, service providers, and streaming platform customers to hear firsthand about the benefits of multicast ABR.

If you’re familiar with Broadpeak, you know about our pioneering work in multicast ABR. Our nanoCDN™ mABR solution solves the issue of traffic peaks, reduces bandwidth consumption, and ensures high-quality streaming for high audience live events. 

Our early recognition of the technology’s potential, extensive research and development, and successful implementation have solidified our leadership in multicast ABR. We are proud to see this technology gaining popularity, as demonstrated by Orange in Spain announcing a joint deployment with us and DAZN. Just a few days before IBC, we also saw Agama announcing the integration of multicast ABR stream monitoring into their Analyzer probe offerings.


It's a wrap!


Broadpeak’s presence at IBC 2023 was truly remarkable. As the video industry is undoubtedly moving towards streaming, Broadpeak’s cutting-edge solutions continue to lower delivery costs and energy-consumption and optimize content delivery to provide a compelling experience to end-users. 

Although the journey doesn’t end here, we feel that Broadpeak has once again left its mark on IBC, setting the stage for future innovations in the ever-evolving world of media technology. Our role in shaping the future of streaming is only growing. That is, once more, we must agree with Jacques, because this was the best IBC ever for Broadpeak. Check out wrap up video below to feel how was it for us.


IBC Show returns in 2024, from Friday 13th – Monday 16th September and we’ll be there, but if you missed us this year you don’t need to wait until next IBC, contact us now to talk with one of our experts.


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