2023 Wrap up: the 4 best moments of the year

2023 Wrap up - What was our 4 favorite bits of the year?

As 2023 draws to a close, it’s time to reflect on the journey our team at Broadpeak has embarked upon this year. In 2023, Broadpeak has remained steadfast in its commitment to innovation, excellence, and delivering exceptional solutions to its clients. Join us as we review the best moments that have defined Broadpeak’s year.

1. (Another) year of nanoCDN™ Multicast ABR

Broadpeak’s multicast ABR solution,  nanoCDN™, has seen a tremendous success in 2023 with several major new deals signed and many deploymentsannounced. Bouygues Telecom has implemented nanoCDN™ in France reducing network impact while ensuring optimal video experience for customers. This innovative solution has resulted in a 90% decrease in traffic compared to unicast content without compromising quality.

In Spain, Orange has also deployed Broadpeak’s multicast ABR, enabling the delivery of live content with the highest quality across multiple devices. Partnerships, like with DAZN among others, demonstrate the effectiveness of multicast ABR in optimizing network usage and providing exceptional streaming experiences for viewers, like we also did with Agama and DELTA.

Broadpeak has been the pioneer of Multicast ABR and is still at the forefront of the technology, and this year we could witness the remarkable results of our efforts, because mABR is shining more than ever!

2. Coming together – Trade Shows

In addition to meeting people and conducting product demos throughout the year, the trade shows provide us with a unique opportunity to bring everyone together in one place and create an even more immersive and collaborative experience.

That’s why, every year, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, some of Broadpeak’s favorite moments are undoubtedly the trade shows because it’s the time when we can meet people face-to-face; new and known faces, our customers, our industry friends, partners, exchange ideas, and also spend some time together with our colleagues.

Such moments of personal interaction and networking are truly cherished and continue to inspire our drive towards excellence. In 2023, we had a blast in event like IBC, NAB, CES and many others. You can be sure you’ll meet our team again at all the most important events across the globe next year.

3. Groundbreaking Performances

Innovation and performance have always been a key driver for Broadpeak, and 2023 was no exception. This year we kept launching groundbreaking products to push the boundaries of what was thought possible.

Our commitment to innovation and performance was evident throughout the year as when we launched our next-generation Advanced CDN solution for video streaming, delivering flawless, low-latency streaming with exceptional performance, scalability, and sustainability. Or when BkS450 streaming software surpassed 1Tbps. Or yet, when we achieved 3-seconds latency for live sports with Viaccess-Orca and Cellcom or launched the Next-Gen SSAI solution and FAST 2.0 with OKAST.

These achievements highlight Broadpeak’s position as a leading provider of video streaming solutions, dedicated to optimizing performance and sustainability.

4. Navigating a challenging year

2023 presented challenges for people and business in the world. With an unwavering focus on streamlining operations, optimizing resources, and utilizing emerging technologies, we build resilience and extended our capabilities and reach.

In 2023, we strengthen our relationship with our existing customers such as Bouygues Telecom, but we also secured significant victories with important customers. Whether helping NxTV bringing FAST channels to Brazil, Taiwan Mobile ensuring high-quality live video streaming to mobile devices or ORS delivering outstanding streaming services, among others, these wins have reinforced our position as a trusted industry leader.


2023 wrap up challenge accepted


As we bid farewell to 2023, Broadpeak’s ability to provide solutions for the best quality of experience and innovate has set us apart as a leading force in the industry. Our commitment to our clients, partners, and trailblazing products have propelled us to new peaks.

As we look forward to the future, we eagerly anticipate continued excellence in our solutions and relationships within the industry. Here’s to the inspiring journey that all Broadpeakers were part of in 2023 and the promising opportunities that lie ahead in the coming years.

And let’s 2024 begin!!!

Start the year off on the right foot, get in touch with us!

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