Cloud PVR

Consumers want to be able to watch their favorite TV show anytime, anywhere. They want to be able to re-start their TV program from the beginning, to pause the live stream to answer a phone call, or to re-play their favorite TV program on their own time. They want to do this from the comfort of their home or on the go, from their TV set or from any other screen.

Broadpeak Cloud PVR brings these services to subscribers, for all their devices without deploying new hardware in the households.
The solution implements Cloud Time-Shifting, Start Over, Catch-up TV and Cloud PVR services that generate new revenues for operators.

Broadpeak provides an advanced shared copy method that combines DVR windows and asset mode recording in order to record the same piece of live content only once, thus optimizing recording bandwidth and storage consumption.

Thanks to its ability to store content using only one pivot format and by performing Just In Time Packaging to deliver the content in the format the device requires, Broadpeak's BkS350 Origin Packager enables storage savings.
Broadpeak’s cloud PVR solution supports the private copy method which makes it easy and affordable to comply with legal requirements.

Broadpeak's Cloud PVR solution comes with either a purposed build NAS or a scale-out Software Defined Storage (SDS) solution, offering you many options for a scalable and cost efficient system.

Broadpeak's Cloud PVR solution is built on top our BkM100 CDN Manager and its record manager module, our BKS100 servers for TS content recording and our BkS300 Origin servers for Adaptive Bitrate content recording.

Solution Principle