CDN Management

A content delivery network is an absolute necessity when it comes to deliver bandwidth demanding content over networks that are more and more solicited. Without optimizing its resources, an operator cannot support the huge amount of traffic at stake over managed networks as well as over open Internet networks.

Broadpeak’s know-how in terms of CDN technologies has allowed the company to create a unified CDN manager capable of addressing IPTV, cable and OTT content delivery with a single product. In addition, new business models such as the Operator CDN where the Network Service Provider (NSP) contracts directly with content providers or the wholesale approach, where a main NSP rents his CDN to sub-ISP, are modelled with an unprecedented, comprehensive simplicity and flexibility.

The BkM100 CDN Mediator is at the heart of Broadpeak « CDN as a product » solution.

Content Delivery Network Management for Live and VoD Applications

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