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5G  benefits to mobile end-users


5G is bringing many benefits to mobile end-users, among which:

  • More bandwidth for better quality of experience
  • Lower battery consumption
  • Internet of Things: have applications that do not depend on the operator through machine-to-machine communication
  • Fixed/Mobile convergence for video and data delivery
  • Mobile broadcasting and seamless switching between different delivery modes: unicast, multicast & broadcast
  • Deployment in a virtualized environment with Multi-Access Edge computing and NFV


All this is happening little by little, starting with the implementation of the radio aspect of 5G that already allows devices to reach higher bitrates and hence a better quality of experience for video viewing. Videos are deployed in HLS or MPEG-DASH streaming formats, with soon the capability of using CMAF.

Broadpeak CDN technologies are fully compliant with these formats and we are also working on some other aspects of 5G through the participation in 2 European collaborative projects: Sat5G and 5GxCast.

Satellite and Terrestrial Network for 5G (SaT5G)



  • Accelerate 5G deployment
  • Create new opportunities for satcom market
  • Contribute to the standardization
  • Provide a cost-effective and plug and play solution



  • Virtualisation of satcom network functions
  • Leveraging 5G features / technologies in satcom
  • Optimal integration of the multicast benefits in 5G services delivery


Testbeds & prototyping

  • 5GIC (Surrey, UK)
  • UOULU (Oulu, Finland)
  • ZII (Wessling, Germany)



Technical contribution of Broadpeak to SaT5G




  • Improve video quality
  • Minimise end-to-end latency
  • Address all screens



  • Multicast usage as contribution link
  • Efficient caching server
  • Transparently use local cache server



  • No big investment
  • Costs optimization for operators
  • Enhanced QoE


Broadpeak’s solutions inside SaT5G


Broadcast and Multicast Communication Enablers for the Fifth-Generation of Wireless Systems (5G-Xcast)


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  • Media
  • Automative
  • IoT
  • Public warning



  • Identify use cases
  • Contribute to 3GPP standard
  • Set up testbeds & prototypes
  • End of project 2020


Content Distribution Framework

  • Combine unicast, multicast, broadcast delivery
  • Do caching for network resource optimization
  • Specify a simple interface between content service provider and network operator



Technical contribution of Broadpeak to 5G-Xcast



  • Manage diversity of user contexts to adapt the delivery technology



  • Identification of the user context
  • Content popularity local measurement
  • Dynamic allocation of video delivery resources: unicast / multicast / eMBMS



  • Convergent solution
  • Costs optimization for operators
  • Seamless switching between environments for enhanced QoE



Broadpeak’s solutions inside 5G-Xcast



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