Quality of Experience

on Mobile and Fixed Wireless Access networks

Fix poor video QoE, especially for the Live during traffic peaks

  • Watching TV or streaming A/SVoD content over a cellular network is largely a hit-and-miss experience today.
  • End-users very often suffer from rebuffering, poor video quality, slow start time and high latency on live content.

How Broadpeak can help

Broadpeak helps operators solve the key QoE issues in mobile networks thanks to its S4Streaming innovation and deep edge caching functionalities.


  • Broadpeak S4Streaming technology allows to make an ultra accurate bandwidth estimation, despite the high variability of the mobile network.
  • With S4Streaming, the video profile selection is also piloted by the cache server, which gives full control to the operator on its QoE and allows him to make an optimal use of the bandwidth.
  • The impact of S4Streaming on QoE is particularly impressive when low-latency protocols are used, for live TV popular events for instance.

Read more about S4Streaming for Video Delivery Over Mobile Networks in this blog post

Deep edge caching

  • Edge caching improves significantly the end-user QoE because content is streamed from a server nearby and congestion risk along the delivery chain is dramatically reduced.
  • Broadpeak is enriching its advanced CDN solution with all the required functionalities to build a genuine dynamic caching system at the edge (dynamic caching VNF placement, optimum cache selection, scale in and scale out capabilities, inter-cache mobility).

To learn more about Broadpeak deep edge caching expertise and experience, you can watch the video below and read the customer story with AWS, the edge cloud partnership communication with Google and the press release with MobiledgeX.

White paper: Giving video streaming control back to operators

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