Android TV

Become a super-aggregator and deliver a “better than broadcast” video QoE with great TTM and TCO

Why become a super-aggregator?

The perfect blend: live/linear TV + time-shifted TV (catch-up, start-over, pause/resume) + first party VOD services + third party SVOD services

Traditional Pay TV operators (telcos, cablecos) face a fierce competition from OTT SVoD services (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, Apple TV+, Disney+, and more to come).

In order to avoid cord-cutting and keep control of the main screen through the HDMI1 connector, operators should include these new services alongside their own TV services. Moreover, this allows them to enter into a revenue share scheme with the SVoD service providers. This is a great opportunity to remain the video one-stop-shop for their subscribers.

Why choose Android TV?

Android TV is the ideal environment to support a super-aggregator strategy:

  • Application-oriented – a new service is just an app
  • Feature rich, pre-integrated, pre-certified
  • With an Operator Tier edition that gives operators full control on the UI/UX


Benefits for operators:

  • Far better TTM than legacy Linux-based STB (from 9-18 months to 3-4 months)
  • TCO reduced by 30% vs. legacy Linux-based STB

Delivering a superior video QoE to managed Android TV STB


Broadpeak’s video delivery solutions enrich the Android TV platform in providing a “better than broadcast” video QoE for live TV services and a “Netflix like” video QoE for on demand and time-shifted TV services.

Benefits for operators:

  • Infinite scalability thanks to multicast ABR (nanoCDNTM)
  • Smart network resources management thanks to server-side controlled ABR streaming (S4Streaming)
  • Low-latency with the management of chunked CMAF and CTE as well as of LL-HLS all along the video delivery chain
  • Dynamic load management thanks to the use of multiple CDN either alternatively (umbrellaCDNTM) or simultaneously (Diversity)
  • Continuous video QoE monitoring end-to-end
  • Smooth integration as all client-side parts of Broadpeak’s solutions are gathered within an Input to the Android TV Input Framework (TIF)



  • To face the competition from SVoD services, legacy Pay TV operators shall become super-aggregators
  • With that respect Android TV is a platform to consider
  • But it shall be adapted to efficiently host the operator TV services (live, on demand, and time-shifted)
  • On the other hand, the more you modify the platform, the less you can benefit from its TTM and TCO promises
  • Broadpeak brings all the necessary ingredients to be added to the platform to support the operator TV services with a high QoE
  • All this without deeply impacting the system


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