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What is umbrellaCDNTM

Thanks to Broadpeak’s umbrellaCDNTM, you will always select the CDNs that are the most fit to deliver each video request.

The specific context of each request (user location, user NSP, content requested, time of the day…) will drive the adaptation of the delivery strategy so that you are always sure to deliver the best experience possible to your subscribers.

This solution is so good, it’s multi award-winning.



What does it do?

umbrellaCDNTM allows content providers to create CDN selection rules based on parameters such as:

  • End-user geolocation
  • End-user Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • Group of content (e.g., live/VOD, pay/free, premium/trailer…)
  • Time of day
  • Type of network
  • Instantaneous Quality of service

Any combination of these parameters can be used to create a rule that will perfectly fit any particular need. Moreover, Broadpeak has developed the CDN DiversityTM feature that allows to make use of the capacities of several CDNs at the same time. This brings an unparalleled level of quality and provides built-in fail-over capacity.


Benefits of umbrellaCDNTM

  • Easy to deploy: no in-depth integration with CDN service providers
  • Dynamic quality of service criteria: allows the simultaneous use of the most efficient CDNs at all time (CDN DiversityTM technology)
  • Reach a video quality that goes beyond what even the best CDN could offer alone
  • Full control on the allocation rules: you decide with what CDN you want to work according to the characteristics of a session
  • Detailed end-users analytics: gather and display information related to the quality of the sessions – you have the full ownership of these information!
  • Opex or Capex: choose the business model that best fits your needs
  • Fully HTTPS compliant for secured delivery


Benefits of CDN DiversityTM

  • Transparent towards the player
  • Very dynamic in taking into account CDN situation changes
  • Personal information: You do not share the feedback of your customers with your competitors, Broadpeak does not own the data, it is fully yours
  • No CDN switching: Diversity uses several CDNs at the same time and is robust against the failure of any of them
  • No overhead introduced
  • Improved quality compared to best CDN
  • Combining the CDN allows to reach bitrates higher than the one provided by the best CDN at a given time -> possibility of reaching higher layer
2 use-cases of CDN Diversity:

Broadpeak’s Diversity Technology Use Cases from Broadpeak on Vimeo.


umbrellaCDNTM in AWS Marketplace  


Running umbrellaCDN on AWS, you can increase flexibility and scalability and save costs. Thanks to the automated

installation on AWS, you can easily start realizing the benefits of the Broadpeak CDN selection solution. The service configuration is carried out in minutes via the convenient umbrellaCDN web interface by listing the available CDN services – which have been contracted prior – and by creating CDN selection rules.
You can test it now directly in AWS Marketplace here.



umbrellaCDN – CDN Selector_Datasheet

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