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Catch-up TV, Time-shifting, Start Over, Live TV Recording

What is Cloud PVR?


With Broadpeak’s Cloud PVR solution, your subscribers can watch their favorite TV show anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Broadpeak’s Cloud PVR brings Cloud Time-shifting, Start Over, Catch-up TV and Cloud PVR services to subscribers, for all their devices without deploying new hardware in the households. Subscribers can record an unlimited number of content at the same time, switch from one screen to another whenever they want.

And you ease your maintenance and support costs while increasing the engagement of your subscribers with your company.


Why Broadpeak’s Cloud PVR is the best solution

Because it offers:

  • an advanced shared copy method that optimizes recording bandwidth and storage consumption
  • a private copy method which makes it easy and affordable to comply with legal requirements
  • a unique high-performance recorder (with built-in caching)
  • a recording manager for overseeing the copy policy and the scheduling of the recording
  • packaging on-the-fly capability for storage cost savings
  • a scalable storage from a few TB to hundreds of PBs, with scale-out NAS and software-defined storage support
  • complete cloud PVR statistics

In addition, Broadpeak’s cloud-PVR solution is:

  • available for legacy STBs and multiscreen devices
  • integrated with major CMS solution


Benefits of Broadpeak’s Cloud PVR

  • Recording bandwidth optimization
  • Storage cost savings
  • Compliancy with legal requirements with support of private copy
  • Maximum security through on-the-fly encryption
  • Easy maintenance
  • High scalability: designed once, the solution can grow indefinitely without requiring any architectural change
  • TESTIMONIAL: Partner TV Launch with Broadpeak's Cloud PVR solution
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