Local Caches

What is BroadCache Box?

Broadpeak’s BroadCache Boxes are certified caching and streaming servers, that you can certify before deploying them in an operator’s network.

Improve tremendously the quality of your delivery while slashing your CDN costs.



What does it do?

Each BroadCache Box is deployed in an ISP’s Point of Presence (POP) and stores your most popular content that shall be streamed from it.

Since the content is streamed from a location closer to end-users, latency is reduced as well as network congestion resulting in higher video bitrates, faster start times and uninterrupted viewing periods.


Benefits of BroadCache Box

  • Massive CDN as a service cost reduction
  • Quality of service improvement for operator’s subscribers
  • Coexistence with standard streaming
  • Compatible with HTTPS streaming
  • Complete analytics: monitor the local consumption and evaluate the gain related to the presence of the local cache
  • Fully supported: Broadpeak is responsible for installing the equipment in the premises of the partner operator and ensures 24/7 support


  • VIDEO: A content provider deploying local caches in a NSP network – a case study
BroadCache Box – Local Cache_Datasheet

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